New Blog adrs. for Morgan Le Fay’s Blog!

Hello to everyone that gave me support and followed me.I have moved my blog to Typepad.It’s a paid blogging platform but my Husband and i made this decision after the slew of crazy bitches swamped this wordpress blog with lies as their comments.At typepad i have way more control over how people interact with the blog..for instance if someone links to my blog’s posts here,i have to put up with the crazy comments coming to me to be deleted,I’m speaking of the comments YMIHere and her write a prisoner dot com/forum cohorts made.Comments are one thing but straight out lies are a whole different thing,my Husband was very angry when i told him about that.He should be getting the print outs of that bitches comments and her blog posts this week or early next.Prison mail is most times slow.So my new blog which is the same as the old blog is at

I will be deleting this site soon.Please stop by my new blog.Typepad doesn’t have the “likes” and i admit i was spoiled by that feature of Word Press.According to my stats page it’s doing okay,Good Bye Word Press and,Thank you all once again..well except for those crazy bitches. lmao